Capture and Proposal

We conjure the ideas and create winning content through highly leveraged roles, directing all aspects of strategic capture and proposal development.

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Capture is the coin of the realm in the Federal market, and capture and proposal is the core of the Wolf Den growth engine. We exist where the budget rubber meets the revenue road – devising the strategies and creating the content that win our clients business.

Wolf Den seeks out highly leveraged roles on capture and proposal efforts, typically serving as the capture manager, proposal manager, and solution architect. We lead technical, management, and transition volumes, and craft killer graphics and winning pricing strategies. Our proprietary analytical tools, including the POINT, DICE, BET, and BAM models, support capture and proposal efforts by providing comprehensive, objective frameworks to guide decision-making.

Our presence every day in proposal tanks and walking the halls of government customers gives us unparalleled breadth of perspective and depth of insight that we bring to each new pursuit. Wolf Den has supported hundreds of proposals that have resulted in billions of dollars of contract awards.

  • July 2019
    July 2019
    The Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • April 2019
    April 2019
    Surviving the Post-Proposal Hangover
  • February 2019
    February 2019
    Space Force - Is There Anything Out There?
  • January 2019
    January 2019
    The Winter of Our Discontent
  • October 2018
    October 2018
    Fiscal New Year Resolutions
  • May 2018
    May 2018
    Show Off Your Corporate Beach Body with Social Media
  • February 2018
    February 2018
    Who Are Your Proposal Olympians?
  • December 2017
    December 2017
    Key Personnel: Naughty or Nice?
  • September 2017
    September 2017
    Physics of Federal IT Systems Modernization
  • June 2017
    June 2017
    Moving Towards Strategic, Not Reflexive Training
  • March 2017
    March 2017
    Springtime for Contract Vehicles
  • December 2016
    December 2016
    An Agile Approach to Proposal Management
  • June 2016
    June 2016
    Colorblind Continuous Proposal Reviews
  • May 2016
    May 2016
    Lessons from Real Life Office Space
  • January 2016
    January 2016
    It's the Competition That Matters
  • October 2015
    October 2015
    Contract Consolidation
  • June 2015
    June 2015
    The Battle for Contract Vehicle Supremacy
  • May 2015
    May 2015
    Unraveling the Mystery of P(win)
  • April 2015
    April 2015
    Quantitative Approaches to Changing the Game
  • January 2015
    January 2015
    Other Peoples' B&P: Growing Beyond Casual Relationships
  • October 2014
    October 2014
    The Purgatory of IDIQ and GWAC PMO
  • September 2014
    September 2014
    Revisiting Capture at Age 30
  • May 2014
    May 2014
    The Art of Killing the Deal
  • April 2014
    April 2014
    The Perils of Incumbency
  • September 2013
    September 2013
    Setting Aside Set-Asides
  • June 2013
    June 2013
    The Selling Season
  • January 2013
    January 2013
    Why Incumbents Are Vulnerable
  • November 2012
    November 2012
    Organic Growth in The Current Federal Market