Market Research and Competitive Intelligence

Highly customized and actionable market intelligence to support strategic and tactical decisions

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Market research and competitive intelligence are vital elements of any individual pursuit or corporate strategy. However, the over-reliance on one-size-fits-all subscription services and a reduction in force of proprietary in-house research teams has caused a critical void in true competitive intelligence capabilities.

Commercially available market research and C.I. tools do not align with market realities. Navigating an increasingly competitive environment – that is complicated by ever-changing acquisition practices and budgetary pressures – requires a bespoke approach to market research and competitive intelligence. Additionally, actionable intelligence must be made accessible in order to inform decisions at every level of an organization, from the proposal tank to the Board room.

Wolf Den has gathered a dedicated in-house team of experienced market research and competitive intelligence professionals who are adept at harnessing all available open source information and customizing it for each client’s needs. We pull source data from over a dozen databases and employ a proprietary vetting and homogenization methodology to produce superior market insights that are not available anywhere else.