Strategic Planning

Providing a practitioner’s perspective to close the gap between objective thought leadership and detailed action plans.

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High-growth winners in the Federal sector are those that focus more on the ability to compete than on market attractiveness. These management teams know that sustainable differentiation drives enterprise value, and that a "follow-the-money" mantra is yesterday’s approach to strategic planning. Wolf Den’s strategic plans are rooted in this assessment of comparative advantage.

Wolf Den’s strategic planning engagements are led by seasoned executives with hands-on experience building successful Federal businesses. Our approach provides tangible action plans – conscious of the trade-offs required by resource constraints – that close the gap from high-level vision to next year’s operating plan.

Our proven and repeatable WolfPACK methodology scales to provide annual strategic planning to multi-billion dollar, Tier One Federal systems integrators, as well as go-to-market support for small businesses. Along the way we have solved a host of market entry, portfolio shaping, infrastructure building, restructuring, and exit planning challenges for our clients across the entire federal market.

  • February 2017
    February 2017
  • January 2017
    January 2017
    Improving BD Visibility, Efficiency, and Results
  • November 2016
    November 2016
    Decision 2016
  • August 2016
    August 2016
    There is No Such Thing as a Recompete
  • March 2016
    March 2016
    Contract Novation Consternation
  • December 2015
    December 2015
    The Green Light of Graduation
  • July 2015
    July 2015
    Agile Strategic Planning
  • July 2015
    July 2015
    Agile Strategic Planning
  • April 2015
    April 2015
    2015-2016 Federal Market Outlook
  • December 2014
    December 2014
    Millennials in the Marketplace
  • April 2014
    April 2014
    2014 Mid-Year Predictions
  • January 2014
    January 2014
    The Contractor Doth Protest Too Much
  • December 2013
    December 2013
    The Age of Austerity
  • November 2013
    November 2013
    Contract Vehicle Portfolio Theory
  • August 2013
    August 2013
    Calling the Bottom
  • May 2013
    May 2013
    Surviving LPTA
  • April 2013
    April 2013
    Why Bother With Strategic Planning
  • March 2013
    March 2013
    Crying Wolf Over The Sequester