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The Den

Wolf Den was founded by successful federal market executives to be the kind of consultancy they wished they had access to when they were in industry. With over 400 customers spanning the entire federal ecosystem, Wolf Den brings unparalleled breadth of experience and depth of practitioner perspectives. Our hallmark is solving hard problems at the intersection of government and industry. We take leadership roles, create original content, generate the best ideas, and provide salient insights to deliver superior outcomes for our customers.

Mission & Vision

We win when our clients win. As responsible stewards of our clients’ resources, we will deliver the best product as efficiently as possible. Our hallmark is a high-touch approach that is embedded on-site with the client – so much so that they cease to recognize boundaries between the organizations. We know where we can add value and do not accept work where we are not confident that we are the best team to help the client achieve their goals.

We desire to be the best at everything we do by creating compelling content and providing original thought. While we work hard and take our work seriously, we have fun and do not take ourselves too seriously – doing both in an operating construct that is free of bureaucracy or burdensome processes.


Many organizations claim to be customer-centric, but few walk the talk. It is easy for us to put our customers first because we used to be the customers. We have built great businesses in the federal market and advanced the mission as civil servants.

We bring this practitioner’s perspective to everything we do. From initial crafting of a statement of work to day-to-day execution, everything we do is rooted in aligning our incentives with our customers’ outcomes. We place ourselves in our customers’ shoes and always do what we would want done if we were the customer.

Best Idea Wins

Customers come to us to solve their hardest problems and we owe them ideas they couldn’t generate on their own. To nurture these best ideas, we are aggressively collaborative – challenging each other in the spirit of iron sharpening iron.

We are a meritocracy of ideas. We know that the best ideas do not know race, gender, color, or creed. They come from all sources at all times, and our job is to make sure our culture preserves the dry tinder to catch those precious sparks whenever they occur, from every possible source.

We deal in outcomes
We win when our clients win.
We are responsible stewards
We deliver the best product possible through efficient use of our company and clients' resources.
We get engaged
We place ourselves in our customers' shoes and always do what we would want done if we were the customer.
We are highly specialized
We know our strengths and strive to be the best at what we do.
We create compelling content and provide original thought
A “cut and paste” approach has no place in our “I have ideas” culture.

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