Capture & Proposal

We tailor solutions to accentuate customer competitive advantage and unique value propositions.

Wolf Den derives differentiated solutions and creates compelling content to help our customers win more business with the federal government. We emphasize “compelling” outcomes over “compliant” inputs from a position of proposal leadership and customer exclusivity. From must-win recompetes to complex, game-changing new business opportunities, we are entrusted by our customers to win some of the largest and highest profile federal contracts.



Conducting customer strategic teaming, technical solutioning, and requirements shaping


Crafting, narrating, and visualizing customer value propositions and technical differentiators

Proposal Development

Providing all of your proposal management, volume leadership, technical writing, and resounding graphics


Leading teams from a practitioner’s perspective to create compelling proposals

Oral Proposal Strategy & Coaching

Translating government evaluator experience into orals presentation success for our customers

Capture & Proposal Services

Late-Stage Capture

Solution Architecture

Proposal Leadership

Proposal Development

Oral Proposal Strategy & Coaching